Our Mission

Radioactive material is an indispensable part of many industries, and in the medical field, these substances are used in diagnostics and therapy. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to ship radioactive material of dangerous goods class 7 on the road and by air.
For this reason, it is good to have a logistics partner like MOVING FORWARD INTERNATIONAL team at your side: We have all the permits that are required by the German Radiation Protection Ordinance § 16 (1) to transport radioactive substances by road. And for the transport of radioactive substances by air freight, in addition to a lot of expert knowledge, even the best contacts to the airlines are required – because of our large network, we can handle approval requests and bookings very quickly.

Our Offer

As specialists for dangerous goods transports in the classes 1 to 9, we compile and check all relevant documents such as DGD, MAWB & HAWB as well as the customs documents and transport documents according to ADR / RID in order to make the transport as smooth as possible.

We are happy to package, mark, declare and document your dangerous goods according to the current IATA-DGR regulations. Even special transports are in the best hands with us: our team organizes for you the transport of real special cases – including security plan and live tracking via GPS.

We carry the following radionuclides by road and air: molybdenum 99 (Mo-99), iodine 125 (I-125), fluorine 18 (18F), californium 252 (Cf-252), iridium 192 (ir-192), Yttrium 90 (Y-90), iodine 131 (I-131), cesium 137 (Cs-137), krypton 85 (Kr-85) or americium 241 (Am-241).

You want to transport radioactive material that is not listed here? Do not know how to best transport a certain radioactive substance? Or have another special concern?

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