Our Mission

In the pharmaceutical industry, a large variety of goods must be safely and reliably transported from A to B. For example, in addition to the classic pharmaceutical products such as medicines, substances and medical equipment are also needed for blood diagnostics or for the analysis of laboratory samples.
Often, transports in this area are time-critical: they must be delivered quickly and flexibly, for example, to enable a patient to receive life-saving therapy.

Our Offer

At MOVING FORWARD INTERNATIONAL, we take care of all your pharmaceutical transports: even before the start, we seek the fastest possible connection, handle all customs and administrative procedures, such as import customs clearance or transfer transit, and document every single step. It does not matter whether you are shipping dangerous goods or not, because we have all the permits that are necessary for any required transport.

We can also have refrigerated or keep frozen products transported from one place to another – whether on the road or in the air and whether nationally or internationally. And if your refrigerated or keep frozen products are extremely time-sensitive, charter flights from our airport in Egelsbach or from the GAT terminal in Frankfurt are available on our behalf.

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