Bonded Warehouse

Our Mission

In the customs warehouse, goods are temporarily stored that are not yet taxed and duty-paid. Importers who need to pay duty on dutiable goods benefit financially from such a warehouse. Under official customs warehouse procedure: The complete charges for the goods stored there are only due when the products are taken out of the customs warehouse, because they were sold piece by piece or bulk.
And if the goods are stored in the bonded warehouse immediately after transport, the companies also save another intermediate storage and the associated costs for the intermediate transport.

Our Offer

In our MOVING FORWARD INTERNATIONAL bonded warehouse, you can temporarily store your duty-paid, untaxed goods for an indefinite period. With the import, the customs clearance and the taxation of your products we support you gladly, in which we do the time-intensive customs and authority procedures. Of course, we document every departure from the customs warehouse seamlessly and transparently.
And should you want to temporarily store your cargo, because you still lack important papers for customs clearance, we also support you with our safe storage space.

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