About us

Hand in Hand


Reliability and on-time delivery are indispensable in logistics. But at the same time, the costs must not skyrocket. And to keep track in this industry with the variety of rules and opportunities, passion is in demand! At MOVING FORWARD INTERNATIONAL we are the perfectly organized logistics specialists with knowledge, understanding and heart. As a team we work hand in hand – as well as with our customers and our network of airlines, customs and the various authorities and forwarding companies. Because only with uncomplicated, fast communication between all participants, we can regulate things and clear out unforeseen things, so that the goods arrive safely and quickly at the destination. And if we have learned one thing in the many years that we work in the logistics industry, then that is it: there is always a solution!

Full commitment


On request, we work around the clock every day of the year for our customers: With our good organization and uncomplicated cooperation, we bring every good to any place in the world – no matter whether it is radioactive, keep frozen transports or whether it is a protected species. Of course, we also handle transports from the area of ​​General Cargo. And in our own customs warehouse we also store goods for our clients, which, for example, are gradually cleared and taxed for cost reasons.

Our team – the key data:

We are a well-rehearsed team

with more than 20 years of experience and confidence in each other.

Each individual is an all-rounder with extensive know-how

from the office to the warehouse, the special shipping, the freight pick-up and pick-up points.

We have an eye for details

so that all documents are available and filled out correctly.

Our knowledge is always up to date

 thanks to many training courses that we take externally and within the team.  

Our mission is "fast, cost effective and with good service"

 we always keep an eye on the clock and value for money.

We speak eight different languages

 our team comes from all over the world and is at home all over the world.


Because of our deep knowledge and decades of experience, we are a regulated agent by the German Aviation Civil Authority (LBA) within the European Union (EU).

As you can see, we find a solution. Challenge us!
Telephone +49 (0) 69 968 6123 10 E-Mail info@mfint.de